Frequently Asked Questions

When are your tours?
I occasionally schedule public tours. Most tours are by appointment. Send me an email or give me a call and we can work out a time to meet.

I need a tour of specific landmarks to meet Scout requirements. Do you design custom tours? 
Sure! Let me know which merit badge requirements/landmarks need to be in the tour, and I'll be happy to guide you.

How much advanced notice do you need?
It varies, from hours to weeks. But more notice is always a good thing!

When do I pay?

Please pay at the end of your tour.

Should I tip the guide?
A gratuity is not required, but if you enjoyed your tour a tip would not be inappropriate. Please remember to tell others about your tour, as well.

Can I record your tour?
No. Please no audio or video taping.

I can't attend my scheduled tour. What should I do?
Just drop an email or call, and I'd be happy to reschedule.

Do you take credit cards?
No. Cash only please.

Do you take checks?
No. Cash only please.

Do you barter?
Yes. Everything from eggs to books.

Do you make your dresses?
Yes, I design and construct my own costumes.

Are those really hoops under that skirt?
Yes, they are steel hoops. This allows for a large skirt circumference without the weight of so many petticoats.

When did you start giving tours?
I began researching Thomasville's history in April, 2009, and started tours in August, 2009.